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Originally Posted by victory_angel View Post

2012 centric

The city learns of the Turtles and mutants in general. This divides the city into three mindsets. People who see all mutants as a threat and feels they should be round up and dealt with somewhere. Others who argue that the mutants were people once (at least some of them) and there is no proof they are an actual threat and perhaps there could be a way to return them to human. And then there are people who make a profit with capturing mutants and selling them to people who will experiment on them, torture them, treat them like animals.

Nick Turtles Cast Welcomed
OC Welcomed
Shredder can be used in some way, but not as super shredder.

No god moding your character
Don't kill off the character of another player
Limit three characters per person.
I'd be down with this.

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