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IDK, maybe I can help out. I kinda stopped though because I always felt like my responses were either annoying others or OOC. But I still love to RP (it's been so long since I've RPed with anyone, I miss it), so IDK. I'd probably mostly respond at night though. Plus yeah, the recurring problem of RPs tending to just stop.

Anyways, I have an idea to use at least.

Universe: I usually like to keep the universe ambiguous, like we're creating our own universe. But, if I have to, I guess 2012?
Characters: Let's start out with Canon, but if you want to work OCs into the story at some point, sure. Or have them from the beginning. Dunno, I suck with making rules. P:

Description: Shredder asks Baxter Stockman to create a robot. Robots. They are small, and they can reconstruct anything that runs off of electricity. When these small bots make their way into the lair they cause enough mayhem in the living room alone. Can our heroes keep these creatures from going further into the city, or is New York doomed?
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