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I'd be interested in this section, especially if its stuff about the Original Cartoon.

If anyone is interested, I have an idea, however, you will have to watched the 2nd Nick/FW crossover to understand whats going on so I'll put it in spoilers.


The 80s turtles universe is suffering Dimensional Disturbances from the crossovers, the sky is becoming more red, people are becoming more hateful, and the turtles have to deal with it all while still being heroes.

Bebop and Rocksteady are torn on whether to stay with Shredder and Krang or retire from villainy after the turtles made them consider it at the end of the second crossover.

Shredder and Krang nearly lose their occuption and each other for good after being captured by the turtles and slowly grow to appreciate each other and become close in times of hardship.

Essentially it is the transitioning of the 80s turtles show into the Red Sky era.

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