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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Nah, I don't buy it. I mean, there's other explanations, such as it was built slowly over a period of years, but frankly, they're all kinda crap. I really don't understand why people insist on trying to apply logic to a show that clearly wasn't concerned with that, and didn't want anyone watching it to be, either.
It would be dishonest to say the writers didn't think of some of these plot points. No writer goes to write a script with the intention of delivering one plot hole after another. If there's some logic intended for the series I'm not going to sit back and say "who cares" like a neatoman.

Originally Posted by Xav View Post
What army of soldiers did he supply Krang with? All the Foot Soldiers were made in the Technodrome and outside of Bebop and Rocksteady the gang working for him all disappeared.
From what I understood the original foot soldiers were humans trained by Shredder. After a short while and some trust from Krang he got robot ones, which was a good call considering the speed the TMNT went through them. Hope that clears things up.

Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
Also, if Krang was banished, why let him keep the Technodrome in the first place?
Are you talking about why Krang has the Technodrome? He stole it.

Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
Now that you mention it, it is pretty funny how he was exiled and immediately said "lol fvck that, easy to get back when I have the stuff."
Krang is a warlord so he'd want to show power through conquer before returning back.

Originally Posted by Original TMNT Cartoon Fan View Post
If the Technodrome was full-powered all the time, every episode (at least with Krang and Shredder) would have been like a series finale (large-scale invasion).
Now THAT is a true plot contrivance.
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