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Rangerboard in 2002. That place was quite different back then and very un-pc with attitudes and behaviours we're all kind of continuing to atone for. I actually found myself permanently banned a couple of times there across 2004, and 2005, but kept crawling back. Finally, they gave up on banning me and gave me the benefit of the doubt, and I've remained there ever since. My last temporary ban was back in 2011.

I was a terror on Toon Zone. It was so bad that I started a little war with them over on their then-existing Wikipedia page where I contested the conduct of their policies and forum community. Toon Zone's pretty much a shell of it's former self now and largely irrelevant, so it's fair to say I came out the winner of that feud.

I went to TVTome where I became an editor and stayed there until it became TV.COM and I got kicked off (my own dumb fault as I wanted to hold onto power and denied up and coming contributors opportunities), I moved to the now defunct TVRage and did the same job, though this time a bit more professionally. I learn. Slowly.
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