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Originally Posted by 80gmrp View Post
Nice finds. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if you shared the music as well, the soundtrack fanatic I am.
Sure. Here is what I have so far that isn't already readily available.!3SJymQxY!sYjgnLYAlvuLwWKpvWRkBw. I found most of these from Pretty much all the links to the music from the 2000s on this forum are dead because they were hosted on third parties, but hosts them itself, so even after a decade they are still available to download.

The Foot Ninja theme "Ninja Knockout" is incomplete on the original FoxBox MP3 version, so I spliced together the first twenty seconds of the music from the Episode 0-1 Backyard level in the Battle Nexus video game with the original track from the FoxBox website. I did it in iMovie when I should have used Audacity first, but I did the best I could to sync it with the original track by looking at the audio spectrogram.

The Episode 0-1 Backyard track was never used in the show. It was made specifically for the Battle Nexus video game using existing music from the show. It bothered me that so many people kept using that track in their videos, so I felt it was right to share the version that is accurate to the show.

This is just an observation, but have you ever noticed how the music got less interesting as the show went on? Early in Season 1, it was really creative and varied, but by Season 3 they stopped using some of those tracks and it got more serious. It's especially noticeable in Season 4 with the same themes being used over and over again.

TheSkeletonMan939 made a soundtrack several years back using all the music available from the FoxBox/4Kids TV websites, the Russian DVDs' stereo tracks, the DVD menus, and the video games. It's the closest thing to a comprehensive soundtrack that we have, so be sure to check it out!

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