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I'm gonna try my hand at these RPG thingys... so have patience with me

Name: Mondo Jay Gecko
Nick Name: Jay, Mondo Jay
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
weight: 160 lbs
Ethnicity: green?
Nationality: Canadian
Species: Mutated Gecko
Favorite Color(s): Red, Blue, Green
Favorite Music: Modern Rock
Favorite Bands: Switchfoot, Coldplay, TobyMac
Weapons: none
Place of Birth: Labratory in Western Canada
Curent Residency: California
Clothing: Jeans, Skater Shirt, Sneakers, Gloves with no fingers, wears Trucker cap every once and a while, always with a skateboard or Basketball in hand,
Physical Appearance: Black shaggy Hair, Green Scaley skin, Red Eyes with black pupils, Long spikey tail, little spikes on arms, black gotee,
Criminal Record: Resisting arrest, Skateboarding on private property,
Training: knows his ABC's
Story: Mondo Jay is the cloned 'son' of the original Mondo Gecko and was raised by Mikey (the Turtle) since birth, and thinks of Mikey as a very close Uncle as well as all the other TMNT.

Heres my profile pic:

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