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((it's been a while since i've been in an RPG....i'd like to give it a try again....sooo...without further ado.....i'll introduce....))

Name : Kylie Yareni

Age: looks 18-21 but refuses to give real age

Gender: Female

Type: human/ werewolf

Appearance: human-(Goth style ) tight Black pleather pants, black long sleeve top, long Raven black hair (middle of back), 5 ft. 7in.(height), emerald green eyes, Tattoo on right ankle: red rose in full bloom, blood dripping from thorns, Birthmark: small patch of freckles on collar bone left side.

Werewolf- Black fur, 6 ft when standing, 3-4 ft on all fours, Birthmark appears as lightened patch of fur, eyes generally green but sometimes tend to glow white when she is angered or provoked.

Skills and Powers- able to transform at will, (When transformed: enhanced strength, speed, and senses (great night vision)), Extended life line((ages much slower)), Martial arts experience, limited firearms training. ((keep in mind being half wolf also heightens her human senses a bit as well))

Weapons: Blades attached to side of forearms, Katana attached to back, small pistol attached to right side. Werewolf form is able to use weapons as well, though teeth and claws are mainly used when transformed.

Personality: Mysterious, quiet in a large group, aggressive in battle, Kylie is the outgoing, thinker. She is weaker than her brother, but more intelligent.

Background: Years back Kylie and Damon were part of an exclusive Coven of werewolves, a secret society of peaceful creatures, who intended no harm to their human cousins. Yet humans feared the wolves powers and slaughtered most of the Storm coven. what was left of Kylie and Damon's people disbanded but the brother and sister remained together. Damon took up odd jobs to collect money to support his sister and himself.

Edit: I fixed this to go with another RPG thats coming soon

Name: Damon Yareni

Type: human/werewolf

Age: looks 25- 20, is 4-5 years older than Kylie

Gender: Male

Physical characteristics: HUMAN- (Goth style) Black hair short and spiked, Jade green eyes, 5feet 10 inches (height), Medium muscle tone (swoon worthy body ), small vertical scar on right cheek, Netherworld cross tattoo between shoulder blades. WEREWOLF- Steel gray fur, 6feet 3inches standing, 4.5 – 5 feet on all fours, eyes same as Kylie, scar appears as furless patch

Powers and skills-- same as Kylie

Weapons— Iron dagger 6in. blade, handle is shaped as a howling wolf, throwing knives.

Personality—Protective, loyal, easily enraged, will fight at the drop of a hat, Damon is less outgoing than his sister.

Background— same as Kylie….

((I was lazy…bite me!))

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