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Originally Posted by LeotheLateBloomer View Post
Everyone has their preference of what is their definitive version of a series. With Batman, most would say the Animated Series but does that make it fact just because everyone says that?

TMNT 2k3 is my favorite version not only because it's based off the Mirage comics but a lot of the stories that aren't off of the comics are very well done. I also think the 2k3 show has some of the most creative characters I have ever seen in the franchise (Angel, Hun, Quarry, Razorfist, Stonebitter, Bishop, Touch & Go, etc.). I love the characterizations and how the turtles manage to bond and meet people outside the sewers. Some of my favorite Raphael episodes are "Raph & The Lone Cub" (don't remember the title) where he stops searching for Splinter to help a lost boy find his mother who has been kidnapped and "Touch & Go" (which was also a Mike episode) where he befriends an old blind lady whose losing her house due to financial problems and uses the money that Mike and Splinter found and gives it to her to help her troubles. I feel that while Leo probably got the most character development, all of the other turtles had plenty of episodes that focused on them and helped develop their characters as well. This show also has my favorite version of April because I love her big sister role in this show such as believing in Mikey to pursue his superhero dream.

For me, the OT is still a classic but it hasn't aged well in recent years and while I find the 2012 storylines to be well done, they just aren't as strong and captivating as this show's stories for me. And I certainly would not pick 2012 over the Mirage series or first film. But I really do love this series and it shows what 4Kids can really do when they try.
Agree with the vast majority of that. I watched "Lone Raph and Cub" last night and it's still as lovely as ever. One of the better filler episodes from season 1.

I think the thing with this show is that it just has something special about it. Clearly most of us here are more interested in the Turtles than any other property/entertainment and that's why those of us who have seen the show in its entirety know many episodes off by heart. The pacing of the show throughout the first four seasons (and even NT) is nigh-on perfect and the main arc of the show is pretty coherent.

It's a shame that this show was overlooked when it was released (and still is) but there are many reasons for that. It came out at a time when the turtles franchise was in somewhat of a lull, and it's also a bit darker than many parents would have liked. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but 4kids isn't as big in the USA as the likes of Nickelodeon is it? I was always under the impression that it wasn't a household name, but not being American I could well be wrong about that. If true that would probably account for why it didn't get great ratings at the time.

All that matters in most cases is individual opinion. Those of us who remember this series fondly and rate it as the best of the three cartoons don't have to worry about its lack of popularity (other than when it comes to no DVD boxset releases). There's no correlation between popularity and quality.
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