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Originally Posted by Netkeeper View Post
No, 4Kids is not a household name over here. In fact, back when 2k3 was airing, 4Kids had a very bad reputation, particularly among anime fans, for its butchered dubbing of One Piece and Sonic X [IIRC, both of which aired alongside TMNT] and its heavy editing to Yugioh and mediocre dubbing of anything else it got its hands on. The only thing people generally agree that 4Kids did right was Pokémon.

However, 2k3 came on Saturday mornings on Fox. That was a fairly popular channel, though not the best -- a few years prior to the Fox Box programming block, Fox Kids was around and aired stuff like Digimon and Monster Rancher. [Unfortunately Digimon is the only reason Fox Kids survived as long as it did since other networks honestly had better cartoons. The only reason why I even had an interest in the Fox Box is because of Fox Kids since I'm a huge fan of Digimon.]

SO ULTIMATELY the answer to your question is yes and no. Fox was not the best channel for the show to have been on, but if it hadn't been on it, we probably would have gotten a more watered-down show.
Ahh right, thanks for the info

I'm glad it wasn't on a more 'popular' channel then as I would never want to compromise quality or creative license (in terms of 'grittiness', yes there's that word again) for popularity.

When you really think about it this show gets away with a lot considering it is aimed primarily at kids. Although those of us who grew up in the eighties will have been a target as well. I'm just pleased that Laird was able to stick to his guns and hence the show was able to create some good adaptations of comic storylines.
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