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Mutant High Profile for Randi Tezlof:

Name: Miranda (Randi) Ann Tezlof
Age/D.O.B: 15/October 31
Grade: Sophmore
Species: Mutant turtle
Height: 5'1"
Eyes: left-deep red, right-pale blue (has Doctor's consent to wear sunglasses)

First period: English III (i.e. Junior level english)
Second Period: Biology
Third Period: Trigonometry
Fourth Period: Drama
Fifth Period: Gym
Sixth Period: Creative Writing

Extra Curricular Activities:
None So Far

Background Files/history:

~*Things not on file *~

Miranda is a Psychic - Telepathy and Telekinesis being her major abilities with Post and Precognative Sense, Touch-know, Astral projection and writing as sub abilities.

'Weaknesses' Miranda is 100% colorblind (think John Doe).


Regular Profile for Randi Tezlof:

Name: Miranda Ann Tezlof

Nicknames: Randi, 'Babe', 'Princess', 'brat', 'bitch', Pansey Taz-puff (don't ask)

Alias: Graysight

Age: (varies from rpg to rpg, usually a year younger than the TMNT)

Species: Mutant Turtle

Height: 4'5" to 5'

Eye: Left-ice blue/right-blood red

Skin: light jade green

Build: small

Powers: Psychic (Major: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psi-fighting/ Minor: Post/Precognative sense, Astrol projection/writing, Touch-know.)

Fighting-dagger/knife, sprinting, a little bit of martial arts
Other- Performing (singing, acting, dancing), Luck, knows a little bit of Japanese.

Randi has a quick temper which she tries to control. She likes having a good time but can turn very serious with out even a moment's warning.
Its hard to fully gain Randi's trust muchless full respect: 'To gain respect, you must give respect'. Randi lives by this to an extent; however, her bluntness (or at times, lack there of), may seem to some as disrespectful to those who do not know her well.
Randi likes to keep her past well hidden from those she does not fully trust for fear that it may turn them against her. (Yes, folks, Randi has a pathological fear of rejection!)
Randi does have a phobia or two which she is completely embarassed about... wait until you find out what they are.

Other: Randi is 100% colorblind, she sees everyting in shades of Gray thus the name Graysight. (this is something else that she was very embarassed about and will not be all to willing to admit.)

History: Randi doesn't trust you, why should I tell you?
-Intelligence Quotient: 14
-Mental Endurance: 15
-Mental Affinity: 12
-Physical Strength: 11
-Physical Prowess: 11
-Physical Endurance: 9
-Physical Beauty: 17
-Speed: 12

Combat Skills (these are the base combat bonuses based on attributes, without additional bonuses from skills or racial bonuses--Graysight is a level 2 in Hand to hand: Martial Arts skill--these bonuses also include the level 2 weapon proficiency with a knife):
-Strike: +1
-Parry: +3
-Dodge: +3
-Throw: +2 (this refers to throwing a knife, not a body flip/throw)
-Damage: +0
-Roll with Punch/Fall: +0
-Pull Punch: +0
-Body Block/Tackle: not available
-Knock Out/Stun: not available
-Critical Strike: not available

(Note: the +1 bonus to Strike only applies when she is using a knife. When unarmed, her Strike bonus is 0.)

Other skills:
-Scholastic Bonus (one time bonus to all skills): 0% (based on Intelligence Quotient)
-Save vs. Hypnosis/Mental Attacks/Psionics: +0 (based on Mental Endurance)
-Invoke Trust/Intimidation: 0% (based on Mental Affinity)
-Save vs. Coma/Death/Toxins: +0% (based on Physical Endurance)
-Charm/Impress: 45% (based on Physical Beauty)

(Remember that your character rolls as a Psionic in rolls to save vs. hypnosis/mental attacks/psionics, meaning you only have to roll a 10 [out of 20] to save).

(Also remember: the Charm/Impress skill will only work on non-human characters, or human characters Graysight knows well.)

Profiles for Michaela, China, Anya, Dianne and Morigan to come soon
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