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Name: (too difficult for humanoid speach)
A.K.A: 'Tzyn'
Age: Ancient
Species: Red Dragon (Western)
Size: Three story house
Abilities: Fire, Flight and Scorcery. Like most Dragons of her kind, she loves polymorphing.
History: There was a time when Dragons were all that thier myths and legends spoke of and more; but nothing can last forever. First, it was the dragon wars, Metalic against the Chromatic, Good versus evil; both sides lost many. Too many, perhaps. As the number of dragons dwindled the population of humanity soared! Soon there were a thousand maybe two thousand humans to each dragon. Even after the war, the number of human began to rise.
Something had to be done. Most Elves had already left. The drow, Goblins, Dwarves and gnome all simply dug deeper into the earth until there was no sign of them. And so, many of the dragons left the realm of humanity in one way or another. They left to find riches, power and discover the unknown, (the truth is out there). While a few, chose to stay. Many, like the Dragon Turtle found deep crevises and under water caves to live out the rest of their lives. Others simply chose the way of the Earthen Folk, they dug into the ground until the sounds of the earth's core lulled them into a deep eternal sleep.
And then, there were those like Tzyn. Still a young adult at the time, she wasn't about to let the events hamper her adventurous spirit. She travelled world wide, reaching the 'new world' far before Leaf or Columbus were ever born. It was in Current day New York State that she began to tire and she too decided to sleep; but, she didn't dig as deep a the rest...
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