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Originally Posted by Monte Williams View Post
Thanks, Connor!

Can I ask: are TMNT figures readily available in Glasgow? I only ask because I traveled extensively for a few years, and it was always fascinating to see which toys were available in a given place. At the time I was mostly hunting G.I. Joe figures, and I assume TMNT is much more widely available than Joes. (For some reason, the most dominant toy everywhere I went was Ben 10).

My most surreal find was this pair of G.I. Joe Sigma 6 figures: Islamabad.
Sweet find

TMNT toys are pretty common place in Glasgow, it used to be you could only really get them in comic shops initially (wayyy back first time round) but with the recent incarnations its pretty easy. spotted the stelth turtles going for cheap in a local B&M store* just not had any cash to buy them

*bargain/cut price store
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