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Another one. I'll post some newer customs soon, but here's Scratch, made from Mix and Match Tiger Claw. Jail Bird is from an Imaginext penguin.

One day, a petty thief named Tom escaped from jail. After his escape, he was trying to break into a house. While he was crawling into the window, a cat jumped on him. Tom was shocked, and fell out the window on his back. Suddenly, a mysterious canister fell on him, and it shattered. Tom got up and looked at his now fuzzy hand. He was mutated into a cat! A bird then stuck it's beak into the goo. It looked the same, but had the intelligence and speech patterns of a human. The two quickly bonded, and became a duo of crooks. Later, Tom and the bird found the turtles and decided they could beat them. The two were quickly defeated by our heroes, but were given the names "Scratch" and "Jail Bird" by Mikey. Now in prison, Scratch and Jail Bird thought they would be stuck there forever. But one night, they were broken out by a man called "The Shredder", and given weapons like the Felonious Fish Club and the Criminal Cake Gun. Scratch and Jail Bird are now loyal henchmutants of the Shredder and would dine on turtle soup any day!
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