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I watched several gameplay video's. I hate to admit it, but this is the first FnaF game I feel somewhat disappointed with. I don't know, but it doesn't draw me in like the others. When I watched gameplay video's of the first two games I immediately bought the game on Steam, but I don't have that urge with this one.

Maybe it's the feeling that there's only one animatronic, and the hallucinations get old fast IMHO.

Another problem is that the game (at least from what I've heard) doesn't have a Custom Night, which limits replayability. I still play Fnaf 1/2 every few days to try out different AI settings and have some fun challenges.

I loved Fnaf 1 for its atmosphere and interesting animatronics, I really enjoyed Fnaf 2 due to its smoother gameplay and many end-game challenges. I'm waiting for a demo for this one. If it turns out I enjoy the game after all, I'll definitely buy it.
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