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Anyone who can say that Eastman endorsing the new movie honestly sways their opinion of it either way simply has no understanding or knowledge of the history of Eastman publicly liking... everything. And by everything, I actually I mean everything.

The only thing he's ever gone on record as saying he didn't like was TMNT II, and even then it was only because Casey wasn't in it. And that's always kind of been an odd thing to me, when fans get upset when their favorite characters of [insert franchise name] aren't in a horrible [insert franchise name] movie. Why would you want the characters you actually care about in horrible movies? People complain that Rat King or Baxter or Triceratons weren't in TMNT II or III... but do you really have any faith in any of those characters being done justice in the kind of movies they were trying to make at that time? You don't hear anyone saying that including Ra's al Ghul would have turned around Batman & Robin... it still would've been a sh*t movie and we damn well know it.
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