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Originally Posted by The Boston Ninja Turtle View Post
this right here, Kevin loves the turtles, they are his babies. think of it like a happy parent. he is open to letting the turtles expand grow and go off and do new things..sure somethings its cringe worthy but it happens, Kevin just wants what is best for his "Kids"
In this analogy I think Kevin is more like the parent who in his own company knows that his kids do bad things but to the neighbors and school boards and fellow parents will back his kids to the hilt.

Even then I'm not sure that is apt. I don't think Kevin is really bothered or takes much of interest in parts of the franchise that don't directly involve him. Not to mention there's something very Hollywood about him. Case in point; to listen to interviews when promoting he mentions the difference between the various animated series with the Nick show being the perfect blend of the Fred Wolf's shows comedy and the 4Kids' edginess (his words) but last I heard he'd never watched the the '03 show..come to think I'm unsure how much of the '87 series he watched.

It's easy to shrug his shoulders and say "turtles are aliens...sounds cool" when you're think disconnected to versions that don't involve you.

not i am not saying Laird didnt like them, but he always seems more reserved to go past a certain point in ideas. from what i have heard people kinda have to fight and push him to try new things with the turtles
I don't agree with this. To return to the parent analogy, imagine if you had say a daughter and she drops out of med school to become a stripper because she can make easy money now. In time you may accept her new career path but you'd be a fool not to try your best to talk her out of it.

I don't think trying to maintain a certain (small) level of integrity over the franchise is really bad thing. Even then I disagree that they guy who okay-ed Ch'rell and Fast Forward is really that cut off to trying new things. Not to mention he was honest throughout that while it was not really his choice and would have preferred to stay with the regular 2K3 formula. Even the idea that he hates the old show (which the source of why fans seemingly have a bee in their bonnet with him) doesn't pan out he contributed to associated things such seemingly more than Kevin did and when you get down he opinion isn't as bad as people like to think. He's stated many things about it that he liked but he isn't going kiss its ass all the time.
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