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Originally Posted by Monsterhjerne View Post
All was resculpted and re-cast, so looking back I could really have used anything. Parts was so taken apart by the end, that it made no difference.

But basebody (torso, feet, head, tail) was 2004 Animated Splinter. Heavily altered.
Sleeves was LOTR Gandalf, hollowed out and fitted with NECA turtle shoulders inside.
All joints were from NBA Hero figure, but any ML would do I guess. Did not know I was recasting it so I went for joints that were cast brown, hence the NBA-dude.
Hands from WWF-fgure - only used 3 fingers, scaled pretty well with the proportions.
Torso was hollowed out and fitting on top of a NECA Turle waist and butt. Also used his thighs, sculpted over.

Lower skirt was also from Gandalf - cut to 4 pieces and sculpted together in different configuration.
Great stuff man!! I wanted to make a custom Mirage Splinter for a while and you kickstarted my project. I can only hope it will be half as great as your Splinter! Simply amazing dude!
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