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Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
Because of that, I took it to be that the RYV timeline more or less diverged from 616 somewhere between Peter and MJ's marriage and the '90s Clone Saga (which is where the Mayday birth would've happened).
Annie is based off the child Peter and MJ would have had if they had remained married. In One More Day it was never specifically said if she was destined to be the second child they would have had, or if she was the first child they would have had, somehow surviving the miscarriage as had been indicated at the end of the clone saga (and proven accurately in the Spider-Girl era)

The evidence for the case of it being the second child is that Annie's middle name is "May", when Peter and MJ had both agreed in the Clone Saga that the child's first name would be May, Annie being the first name here indicates Peter and MJ wanted to honour the memory of the first stillborn child but wanting to move on from it at the same time, hence naming her after MJ's aunt Anna.

Another note of interest is there's a story set before OMD where the One Above All visits Peter and shows him a future with MJ and two children called Benjy and Mary (so we now have a daughter named after Peter's mother, or MJ's first name, or likely both), so far nothing has come of that detail. I think this was done specifically to assure people that in some far distant future, the Peter and MJ affected by OMD will reconcile and have these children.

Based on the letter, do you think that means that the RYV series won't be a continuation of the original miniseries?
That's what I'm led to believe based on promotional material so far, but could be wrong.

Is it possible that Slott was just including that as an Easter egg (either to the RYV story he wrote, the upcoming series, or both).
I believe he threw that in as a tease for the upcoming series so that it mattered more. When promoting the original series, Axel Alonzo and Slott both said the Secret Wars tie-ins would all matter to the overall master plan for several characters at the company.

Also keep in mind Marvel have been pushing Mephisto references a lot in Spider-Man appearances in other books, particularly Spider-Man/Deadpool which deals with Peter being haunted by cryptic words from Mephisto about his "greatest fall" and how he will forever feel emptiness.
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