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Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
Is there a link for those?
There is on Comicvine I believe, but it requires looking through pages worth of one thread to find it.

I'd be curious to read for myself. I also sometimes travel around in many pro-pre-OMD Spider-Man fan circles who are convinced that Slott is strongly against the Peter/MJ marriage (and to be fair, I do think that his writing does make it seem like he is against the idea). I'd be really interested to see what the reaction is to those statements from those circles.
Slott's opinions on the marriage vary to the point you can't be sure if he is for or against it. Yeah his main book material indicates that he's against it, but he's working with a reality that's been altered by devil magic so you never know if what Peter and MJ do to each other is sincere or caused by Mephisto.

He said in one interview that the marriage is like Charlie Brown kicking the football, but in the actual RYV story he shows just how much more mature Peter is in the role of a hero and a father and there are no bitter consequences or moments of doubt for the couple (except for that one bit at the end where MJ wonders if Peter would have killed Regent if Annie had been harmed, but she's not mad at him or anything). He even ends the story with "this life doesn't mean the end of yours"

Slott said in a Comicvine video interview (you can find this one easily on Youtube), Peter and MJ without the marriage in the main books is "no fun" to write for because they can't go anywhere else...but in the same interview he says MJ is a limitless character when she is married to Peter.

Also, during Spider-Verse, he actually made Peter and MJ's son Benjy (from Mayday's MC2 universe) a vital part of a prophecy and an object of the Inheritor's quest, and he went out of his way to protect the Spider-Man Newspaper Strip (prior to this year's RYV, the only other ongoing series which uses the marriage) from the events of that story and later from the incursions of the Secret Wars event by having Inheritor Karn seal it off in a pocket dimension (which it's since broken free of)

So yeah, I think while Slott does have his own ideas about the marriage, he's slightly bi-polar on the subject. You sort of just have to accept that he's a notorious spinster who will say and do things that everyone wants to hear and read, so long as it gives him and the company a sizeable buzz.

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