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Originally Posted by Coro View Post
So at long last I got a 1/6th scale Shredder. I waited too long for the NT-02 so I cancelled it and got the DREAM-EX one. I like the look of this one better anyway. Everything shipped solid and arrived well from LunarToyStore.

I have to say this think is PHENOMINAL. I was surprised at how sturdy it is compared to my Hot Toys Vader. I know there are a few issues with him as to what he was included with, but the way I want to pose him? Perfection to me. I did have a bit of an issue with a wrist joint that I will talk to Lunar about, but much like the NECA movie turtles, you have to see this thing in person to truly appreciate it. Shredder came out AMAZINGLY well here. I dont like their turtles, but this Shredder is on point. If you are looking for one, give this guy a very hard look before pulling the trigger on anything else.

After the amazing quality of this...can anyone recommend a place to get a Casey other than eBay or something?
Looks like BBTS is the only place that still has Casey in stock for a reasonable price on a quick look.
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