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Sorry for the late reply. Wanted to tell you how I feel about them after I get a chance to.
At first I thought they weren't that great but after playing around with them for a while, I like more and more. The concern of metal weapons is that it might be too heavy for the figures to hold poses but so far the joints are sturdy enough to hold some cool pose.
The pizzas slices that come with the turtles could use a better paint job and a bit detailed sculpt.
The biggest thing that will bug people are the style of these turtles. They feel like a hybrid of the Fred Wolf toon +2k3 + 2007 movie. Pretty much DreamEx's own style. Very much like how Mondo's design combined the vintage Playmates figure design with Mirage comic look. If you can get past that and you like 1:6 figures then these might appeal to you.

True to 1:6 figure there's quite a bit of fabric pieces. I like the included pouches that you can clip on their belts and you can store the throwing stars or pizza in the big pouch if you like. Even the grapple hook can be clipped on the belt.

The accessories and the 2 different head sculpts gives me lots of ideas to pose them in different poses. But probably everyone's favorite will be the white eyes head sculpt. Wish the more mutual expression head with pupils can have a bit more personality instead of all 4 turtles sharing the same sculpt.

Articulation is the part that's a bit disappointing. The elbow and knees are only on a single joints with moving range similar to the Mondo turtles. Pretty much 90 degrees or less.
Others have pointed out that the hands are hard to swap around which is true. May need help with a hair dryer. With the softer plastic being used, I would avoid hot water.

The stands are pretty much useless btw, doesn't work with the turtle shell.
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