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Thanks a lot!I'm glad you like these, these are the items i've managed to get last month (All locally for now, due to problems with local mail not sending pickup notifications to my house and returning it to, TMNT merch may be a bit lackluster of now...i did get a PEZ dispenser tho )

"M.A.S.K." - 'Matt Trakker' with "Ricochet Mask" ('Kenner' licensed it to 'Playful' & this was only sold in argentina...if you'll notice, it's the "Ace Riker" mold with a different color variant and the "Matt Trakker" head sculpt: )
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" 'PEZ' candy dispenser
"Despicable Me 2" - 'Carl Rocket Skateboard' Minion happy meal toy from "McDonald's"
"Madagascar 2" - 'Gloria' & 'Melman' "McDonald's" Happy meal plushies (It looks like these were only released in latinamerica...i really like these, & the looney tunes and hanna barbera ones, they're pretty on-model, i always like to buy them if i can: )
"Transformers: Robots In Disguise" - 'Steeljaw' from Kinder Surprise (It was a present, alongside the spoopy skelly * n.n* many thanks.) "The Simpsons" - 'Groundskeeper Willie' minifigure from "Jack" chocolate
"Digimon" - 'Agumon' from mcdonald's
"Hotel Transylvania" - 'Jonathan'
"Angry Birds" blue bird mcdonald's plush
"Penguins of Madagascar" - 'Rico' Burger King toy
"Adventure Time" - 'Lumpy Space Princess' McDonald's toy

"Batman: Hush - Vol.01" Hardcover TradePaperback (This edition also includes issue #613, aswell as one of the old detective comics short stories from the 30's.)

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