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Food most people like that you don't

Inspired by the cilantro thread.

What are some foods that everyone seems to like except you?

Lettuce immediately comes to my mind. If it's in a sandwich it's OK, but actually eating a salad with lettuce n it? No thanks. And tomatoes are even worse. Their texture is awful and gross.

I could never stand ketchup. It's vile and overtly sweet. And mustard is terrible too. Anything spicy is terrible, imo. I don't see the point in eating something that's gonna leave a burning sensation in your mouth for a long time after your meal. Not to mention it's hell in your intestines. The only spicy stuff I've been able to enjoy thus far as been Pizza Hut's pizza tomato sauce. Mayonnaise can be OK wit ha slight spice to it as well.

Tbh, I don't really like sauces and condiments except salt(not too much, though) and olive oil. Is this strange? Vinegar in particular is vile, imo.

I'm also not big on sweets except a few pastries and ice crema. Antyhing too sweet or too salty is a no-no to me.

What about you?
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