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What if IDW picks up that loose thread of Leo in the Battle Nexus as others have said and we see some shots from issue 26 & 27 but from IDW Splinters POV to start. Then just do the comic/mini series in half color/half black and white. The Mirage stuff drawn by Lawson & inked by Lavigne. Get Duncan back for IDW. Or alternate issues of a mini. Issues one and two are "solo" Mirage & IDW, issues 3 & 4 start mixing them and then issues 5 & 6 are full on mergers.

Then a second series with the animated IDW Turtles meeting the Archie Turtles... six issue mini series... then a giant pair of double sized issues where all four teams meet and each character has a special team up... four Leos, four Raphs, four Dons and 4 Mikey eating pizzas...
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