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Alrighty, here's my general take on the value of TMNT comic books.

With a few exceptions, it doesn't seem that individual issues go for a whole lot. I've got a stack of comics for sale in the buy/sell/trade forum basically for cover price ($2-$3), yet people complain about my prices being too high. But once in awhile you'll get a lot on eBay for all of Vol. 1, 1-62, and it'll sell for $500 - An average of about $8/book.

All of the magazine-sized issues seem to sell for at least $20, with the early first prints obviously fetching considerably more. The error cover of #3 seems to be the most sought-after/valuable comic after the first print of #1.

The entire run of Vol. 2 is still available from Mirage for $3/issue.

Most of Vol. 4 is still available from Mirage for $3-$4, too. I watched an eBay auction of Vol. #1 first print recently just to see what it would go for (since Mirage only has the second print available). The opening bid was low and I don't think it even sold at all. I don't think there's much demand for these books.

If you want to get a hold of Tales #6 and those places don't have it, watching eBay is probably your best bet. If you're not so concerned with the actual comic and just want to read the story, all of Tales Vol. 1 is supposed to be reprinted in a collected book sometime this year.

Signatures will probably help the value at least slightly. I personally don't like my books to be signed (unless I also have an unsigned copy) and if it is signed I would prefer that it was signed close to the date of publication. But that's just me.

Haha, I rambled a lot. But I guess in short I'd say that I don't think TMNT comics are relegated to the quarter bins anymore as they used to be.
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