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Originally Posted by IMJ View Post
That's isn't necessarily true. That deal was negotiated for the cabinet distribution. We don't know the extent of the terms. It could be another negotiation entirely for mass distributed collections that would arguable be more lucrative and reach more standard buyers.

The cabinet deal might've actually been easier to do as a special project for the novelty buyer.
Oh yeah no, I Guess it is confusing but what I mean is arcade 1up had to talk with Viacom and Konami to get the cabinet made. If Konami sees demand for their tmnt games they might Get interested in negotiating with Viacom to make a tmnt collection. But you very well could be right as well they could just be doing it because itís a quick buck for them.

My whole point is they already agreed to license their arcade games to arcade 1up and they are doing a lot of their classic game collections so I am just hoping tmnt gets a collection
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