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Originally Posted by The Deadman View Post
Konami doesn't have the rights. The only reason why we got Castlevania and Contra collections is because they still own the rights to those games. You could have Konami themselves come out with a giant posterboard that says WE DON'T OWN THE VIDEO GAME RIGHTS TO TMNT and people would still start petitions and this that and the other wanting them to do it.
Unless a wider audience is made aware of these facts, unless it reaches meme status the wider world isn't aware of that.

Originally Posted by DevilSpooky View Post
That's not that hard to understand, they just payed Viacom for the rights to the characters, and Konami to the rights for the game code. If someone does the same but for a collection for the current gen systems it's possible.
It's not that easy. If only it was that easy. They have to get the rights for the music featured in the game as well as any other legal hurdles such as in game licensing like Pizza Hut or whatever. It isn't just as simple as get the rights for the game and the property and wham, compile it into a collection. It takes time and that's the difference between those two Konami collections and Dotemu's Double Dragon Trilogy.
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