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Originally Posted by Spike Spiegel View Post
Putting fanservice ahead of story is a bad idea.
Is it that, though? It seems the opposite. They obviously intended to have Leia in Episode IX. The actress dying between shooting episodes forces them to throw out the whole intended creative playbook. Coming to an agreement on including actual Fisher-as-Leia footage (and not even CGI recreations of Fisher-as-Leia) to have her somewhat, kind of carry out that original creative plan seems like a pretty damn good idea vs. suddenly veering the ship and killing the character off because her actress died, doing who knows what sort of damage to the intended arc of the trilogy.

And I'm pretty sure if Fisher was alive, she wouldn't be like, "No way! Leia dies with me, I don't care what the plan that was laid out for Leia to me in VII-IX when I signed onto these, and even though I was super excited to see CGI younger me at the end of Rogue One!" I don't think she'd want to see another actress in the role, either, if there is some way they can use unused footage of her to round out IX.

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