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IF a Sequel to TMNT: Smashup was made...

What Changes/Improvements you'd like to see?
-More responsive controls... Turning around is a pain in the shell... Also many of the moves don't respond well. (Sometimes you try to do a tap d-pad + attack button and it does the Hold the d-pad + attack...)
-The ability to crouch.
-Being able to use "ninja powers" in mid-air.
-Better TMNT Multiverse Representation. (Logo, Technodrome stage on Wii and the "OT" Turtles on the Ubisoft Logo is not representing the multiverse.)
Speaking of "OT" TMNT that would've made an easier 2nd pallette for the TMNT instead of the weird WTF 2nd outfits that I still haven't unlocked...
The Western Stage comes from the Rabbids!? and 3 Rabbids!? WTF!? Couldn't they just use Sam Fisher or The Prince of Persia instead!? Or Better yet Rocksteady and Bebop. Rocksteady and Bebop should appear on the Sequel, along with Hun, a Triceraton, Tokka, Rhazar, etc.
-An adventure mode Like SSBM. (including npc enemies like Mousers, etc.)
-An Aracde mode that you can use ALL of the characters... I like Using Shredder but I can only use him in survival or VS...
-More skins/pallette swaps available. There were too many characters wearing black. Casey's default should've been his alternate. (Having two available from the start and unlocking two more during the game.)
Examples of Alt palletes/skins
Normal, OT, Mirage B&W, Bandit style Bandanas
Splinter: Normal, SmashUp 2nd pallette, OT, Live Action Movie
April: Normal, OT, 2k3, SmashUp mini comic style.
Casey: both smashup skins, OT, Live Action movie style.
Shredder: 2k3, Cyber Shredder, Mirage (Pink), Supaa Shredder
Utrominator: Normal, "Krang" palette.
Foot Ninja: Normal, Cyber Foot Ninja, OT Foot Ninja, Live Action Foot Ninja.
-More Stages (If they add more TMNT Related Stages better.)
-DON'T WASTE CHARACTER SLOTS ON MULTIPLE RABBIDS They already wasted 3 slots on them... I don't need to see Cowabunga Rabbid, the pricne of Rabbids, or UtromiRabbid...
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