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Originally Posted by Clown Prince of Crime View Post
Ah, so being unable to jump or turn around at random intervals was actually all part of the plan... wait, actually, that's even worse than if it had just been a f*** up!

But, ya, outside of the fact that the game randomly decides to ignore input from the controller at the worst possible time, it also feels stiff and picky when trying to do certain things (like falling through a floor or dash) while being ridiculously sensitive to other things (such as diving mid-jump).

In some games, saying "the controls weren't working" while losing in a game is just seen as a lame excuse to blame your ineptitude on. In this game... it's actually a fairly legitimate reason for more than half the losses a player experiences.
I can honestly say I've never had any of those problems.

EDIT: With regard to turning "around at random intervals," I hope you guys realize that most characters have at least one move that turns your opponent around a la Mario's cape in SSB. I'm not sure if that's what people are talking about, but that may be responsible for part of the confusion.

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