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Welsh Publishing's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Magazine-- of 13 published issues, 12 have a 4-6 page TMNT comic.

Aba... Laba.. Lob-Sters!

And a Q about the Tundra TMNTA collections:
Is the new coloring in these volumes a noticeable improvement or just new coloring? The recolored covers I found on flickr look great,
but wondering about the story pages versus the original comics. Opinions welcome.

Also: Can anyone tell me what the new pages in both the Tundra Volume One collections are?

TMNT Volume One - Tundra 1991
Reprints TMNTA #5-9 with a new 8-page intro and a new 2-page epilogue.

TMNT Collected Series Volume One - Tundra 1991
Reprints TMNTA #5-7 with a new 8-page intro.

My guess is that it's the same 8-page intro in both volumes? Is Some kind of origin recap? It's a comic and not a written introduction, right?
And the epilogue-- is it just some kind of capper off the end of TMNTA #9?
Same recoloring job in both, I assume?

...Would there be any reason to buy Collected Series Volume One if I picked up TMNT Volume One? Any difference other than the front cover?

Big thanks for any input!
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