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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
I dunno if his rates have changed but from my experience you could just outright commission a fully inked single character piece on card stock for less than the asking prices of the sketched figures. Better deal IMO, assuming the art aspect is what's really drawing you in. Granted you'd need a stateside friend to pick it up at a con & then ship to you, but still.
According to his website commissions are closed. His stated rates are...

“Quick Sketch: $100 Only of Usagi, no requests. On 6x9" Bristol or in your sketch book.”

“Standard Commission: Starts at $250. Includes finished ink drawing, black and white on Bristol 9x12"- single character.”

“Watercolor: Starts at $600
Included is either pencil and/or ink, followed by watercolor on 6x9" Bristol - single character.”
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