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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
I mean, to put it into perspective: Commissioned art is a luxury. You are not only paying them to make the artwork, but for their education, experience, material cost, time, name brand, exclusivity of a one-of-a-kind artwork.

The artist do have to put aside their own work and enjoyments work on someone's commission , and it'll cost to use materials of the artist uses traditional art, or down payment for the digital tools.

And Sakai isn't a starving artist on DeviantArt that's been bullied to do 60 hours + work that'd put the Sistine Chapel to shame for mere $10, or worse for "exposure". The guy can charge a fair price for his time, talent and experience. Plus he doesn't live by commission by commission, so he doesn't need to entice people by offering artworks for peanuts to make the ends meet.

A friend of mine do commission work for $600 a piece, and he finds work just fine as people who want his art are willing to pay for it.
In a way scalpers keep the prices higher. I mean a well known artist could do commissions for a lot less. Giveback to the fans with very limited funds. The artist would be drawing anyway. Not like they would give up on art. But then you would have scalpers taking up all their commission slots and reselling the art. With higher prices itís difficult to resell I imagine. You know flipping a $40 commission might be easier than trying to flip a $600 custom work. Just my opinions though.
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