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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
They're most likely not going to, a lot of people seem like they would much rather watch a movie or a TV-show adaptation than go and read the book or comic it's based on, even if they ended up liking the adaptation they aren't interested in reading. "Walking Dead" and "A Song of Ice and Fire" had both been running for years before their TV adaptations, yet do ever hear anyone talk about the source material?
ALL the time. If you haven't heard anyone talking about them, your friends must not read much.

Or maybe my friends just read abnormal amounts of books and comics... which isn't unlikely given my social circles.

Originally Posted by Peter Palmer View Post
I think where we differ in thought is how we view turtle media trends. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster from the beginning. Highs during certain movies, shows, and comic runs, and lows during others. I don't think I'd say that things have been mostly downhill (where we differ). The comic has been pretty consistently enjoyable. I enjoy the show and it has seen pretty good success. The PD movies...ok, so it's not all sunshine and rainbows in turtle land, but we've received some good quality stuff in recent years, which in turn has turned more people on to the older stuff, which gives me more people to talk to about a hobby I like quite a bit. Again, that's something that wouldn't be attainable if things fell to obscurity long ago.

And it may be somewhat easy getting friends to get into things that you find interesting off a simple recommendation, but getting your kids interested is a different story. Kids tend to be into whatever is hot at the moment; whatever their friends are into.

My kids likely won't see the appeal of the '87 TMNT cartoon, Family Matters, Beetlejuice, or anything else I watched when I was little. That principle applies to why I never watched Happy Days, Three's Company, or Dallas. Could be quality shows, but my friends had no interest, so I didn't either. Kids tend to have herd mentality sometimes.

Maybe when they're older...
Personal taste aside, I feel like the trend is downward for fans who came in back in the Mirage days. BUT the downward trend has upticks with each new resurgence of TMNT.

Give the cartoons long enough, and they get pretty bad. Fred Wolf, but I'm obviously a hater; 4Kids and Nick both lost their way as well... or, if you enjoyed the later seasons of both shows, you probably will admit that the shows radically changed the formula a couple of times to try to stay "fresh" with debatable effect.

When 4Kids was going well, we had Volume 4 and Tales Volume 2 going strong and a CGI movie. When Nick was going stronger, we had (still have!) IDW comics and a couple of movies. But when the toys stop selling, the entire franchise starts sliding downhill again.

Aside from an enterprising filmmaker doing a truly good film series with a more Mirage-esque tone, I don't think we're going to make any progress back up the hill with the next iteration.
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