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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
I just hate those goddamn noses and nostrils. They're so goddamn disgusting. They look like Shrek's nose or noses of the Hulk or something.

I remember being mentally traumatized back in 2014 when the Bayturtle designs were revealed for the first time. I was so morally offended by the noses that I sat there ranting what a disgrace it was on a daily basis for like 2 years.

I had never seen something so disturbing and morally wrong before in my entire life as Turtle noses.
Turtles have nostrils, for the 100th time!

BUT... the turtles' designs are kinda ugly. I'll give you that. Especially in the 2014 movie.

Notice how Cubed never responds whenever I point this out to him.

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