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Originally Posted by ProactiveMan View Post
Issues as in their sets haven't arrived yet? It hasn't been that long since they shipped has it?
I've seen several people on here and elsewhere saying they've had shipping labels created with UPS, the they get cancelled, then get another shipping label from FEDEX yet they still haven't been shipped in some cases, although some have. Also NECA sent an email saying these would be shipped to arrive as SDCC opens. I saw on Instagram some people said they are waiting on stock to fulfill their orders.

Customer service has been shotty at best so far on these which is making people frustrated, but I think we are all hoping now that SDCC is done everything will soon return to normal and NECA will get everything taken care of. I'm not mad, my issues are derpy eyes on 3 turtles and a foot soldier with a head that is wonky and I'd like replaced. I emailed them last week, they responded a couple days later and said they are aware of all the issues with these sets and are compiling information and woking on a solution and they'll be in contact about a resolution. I'm glad I have a set that arrived on time and I still have faith they'll make it right.
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