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Originally Posted by Rooish View Post
I want to offer the person who started this thread the courtesy of answering the question.

So with that in mind, the most powerful are the God like characters, Ninja tribunal, etc. Stuff like that.

Who out of the main cast is most powerful to y'all?

I guess Shredder obviously?
It depends from version from version.

In the OT, I'd say Krang is the most powerful character in the main cast when his body can be enlarged.

In a straight fight, no one has been able to defeat Godzilla Krang in the show, and his android's bodies greatest feat has been defeating a universal being, Dregg with his exoskeleton and the power of the five most powerful aliens in the galaxy, multiplied one hundred fold.

4Kids I can't be sure since I skipped a huge chunk of BTTS/Fast Forward but I'd say maybe the turtles when they become dragons for the season 5 finale are the most powerful members of the main cast. Utrom Shredder and Bishop are pretty powerful as well, if we're looking at the main cast members in their regular form and not when they're given special powers for a short time.

Nick series I'd say Super Shredder is physically the strongest, but Spirit Splinter has great potential as well.

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