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I definitely believe in ghosts and aliens. To think humans are the only intelligent life form in all the universe is just ridiculous. I know ghosts are harder to explain but all the weird, supernatural stuff people have experienced can't all be wrong.

We lived in house once that I totally believe is haunted. We only lived there for like 3 months because of a bug problem. We had spiders, roaches and such like every day but that was a separate issue.

Every single night I'd hear the same loud crashing noises around the same time. 2-3am. My family heard something hit the wall from the outside in the middle of the night once too. Of course nothing was out of place when we'd check things out.

Even here in our current house we've heard unexplainable noises a few times. Though these were more like isolated situations. Nothing like the other house.

Once there was very distinct knocking against the side of the couch years ago. My family was just watching TV and I was in my room across the hall but I heard it too.

I'm sure others have experienced worse but yes I believe in ghosts, evil entities, unrestful spirits etc.
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