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I’m not sure if there are aliens or not. I suspect that if there are, we will probably never meet them. To paraphrase the Fermi Paradox: If interstellar travel is possible, probability suggests that a more advanced intelligences would have already figured it out. We haven’t seen any, so maybe it’s not possible, or maybe there are no advanced intelligences.

If advanced alien life does exist however, there could be a lot of reasons why we don’t know about it. We take it for granted that an alien intelligence would resemble our paradigm of intelligence. Maybe they don’t think in a way that would lead them to interstellar travel in the first place.

Also, a lot of the models we use to predict the existence of alien life don’t factor in the shear improbability of life existing on our planet. They basically take it as granted that if it happened once, it can happen again, but that isn’t a certainty.
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