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Originally Posted by snake View Post
This sounds awesome. I'm gonna test out my impressions tommorow and see if I could have anything to offer. (Probably not)

I can help with forming a story however. Would you want to create maybe a skype chat or something that the project can be worked on?
We can do that.

Originally Posted by sdp View Post
I think it can be done I would need to re-watch it but I guess you can take the

East Meets west storyline and use all the other dragonlord themed episodes for footage and since there's an episode where he is basically defeated it works out as well as using the episode where Shredder "returns" to leave as a sideplot and then cliffhanger. Maybe footage could be used from other episodes/villains but outside of Dr. Quease who already has a few episodes interacting with the dragonlord it'd be hard without to making it a "too many villains" type of thing, and only Dr. Quease would be able to fit nicely as a member of the dragons crew.

I can do voices so if you need help there I could dub a character you may need, I don't think I could do any of the main characters like the turtles/shredder/splinter though.
Whatever shape it takes would definitely revolve around the Dragonlord entering our world and the Turtles taking him down, hard. But I definitely want to use all the Shredder/Foot footage available, but maybe flipping it around. I need to rewatch all of them again (ugh) to see what's there before anything. The basic goal is, Turtles fight Shredder (sneaking in some explanation for how he survived II), Turtles defeat Shredder, Dragonlord enters the game, Dragonlord has Turtles rattled, and Shredder does... the right thing. You can probably see where I'm going with this.

The trouble is, whatever we can write, we're more or less beholden to what was shot. Which can be cheated in many ways, but this is a complicated thing.

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