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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
What, this and... Michele Ivey's forum, barring stuff like Facebook pages and the like? The Technodrome Forums are it.

The PLANTS are very real. Were very real. If there's a big boxset release of PD 1&2 or something, maybe we'll see a few again.
I meant in general not just the TMNT community but I said actually post.

Why would they care enough to get into it with a site that only has a limited amount of fans? We're not the entire turtles fan base, not even close. Every fan site usually only has a handful of regular users like here. They must know it's a waste of time.

People who come and go are probably just passing by who lose interest in a message board or only use it for news. I read through forums I never post in. However if they try to rile people up and then leave they're trolls. That happens everywhere.
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