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Some speculation on a sport

...which is probably best compared to their version of bullfighting. But debatably more dangerous and just as controversial

With the edition of being competitive. So the lady here is competing against two or three more "fish fighters" for shortest time to get the fish out of the water. (In older days, they'd probably kill the fish, but I guess now they're supposed to get it out of one pool and into another in the center of the ring)

And in the opposite direction of quality, how I'd present the turtles and Leatherhead in my take of TMNT. In very rough sketches. And trying my damndest to give them beaks.

I wouldn't have them wearing their masks and gear when they're hanging out in the lair - or wherever they might call home. I think they'd either wear nothing (lucky for them they're turtles, so nbd), or hand-me-downs from April and Casey after they got connected with them.

Here, Leo is wearing April's hat and letterman jacket from high school, Donatello has a sweater and beanie, Mike in a hoodie as is usual for him, and Raphael has one of Casey's old leather jackets and hat.

Leatherhead in my version would be albino and happy in the biggest undershirt he can find - which gets harder and harder by the year. He remains being raised by the Utroms - and even refers to Xeinos as his mother.

This is what they're rocking out to on karaoke

Which...oddly works in some aspects.
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