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Originally Posted by Machias Banshee View Post
Yes, we do have people who are determined to turn popular threads into political/religious/racial/sexuality-laced rants. We've tried to ease back on the ban of these topics, since we THOUGHT adults could be adults. But the way people are getting so hostile so quickly, we may Have to go back to outright banning the topics. If you want to debate (or preach to the choir) about certain topics so badly, go check out the social groups. Or make one.

And people 'running to mommy' is less of wanting to be a tattle tail and more an issue of members being sick and tired of certain people beating the same dead horse over and over and over again...
You know what I mean, right?
Also, really, in some form or another, every topic here is a dead horse, unless it's current news.

My point is, some of the debates are only furthered by locking them down. I think, the religion thread was going well, until *sigh somebody (why we use that term, so silly) decided to play contrarian just for giggles. They enjoy man-bashing, and if we're going there, then, let everyone stand and be counted, right? She knows she baited the situation. The agenda is clear.

but we can point fingers all day...I don't think it wins points with anyone to do so, and I'm not interested in telling you how to Mod. I think you've been fair with me, and are fair to everyone for the most part. You have the responsibility, it's tough, and unless the situation truly calls for it, maybe ringing the bat-phone every time folks jaywalk is beyond the pale. maybe a few peeps get a kick out of sounding the alarm.

Just saying.
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