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Originally Posted by d_osborn View Post
I can't remember where, but I'm pretty sure I've read that it was a found location.

Unless the production builds the structure, it's more than likely rented. In that case, the production wouldn't have any reason to tear down locations. While it's possible that the farm house is no longer around, it's probably not due to the production.

Does anyone here have call sheets from the farm shoot? That might have the location info/address.
What sometimes happens with vacant/derelict buildings being used as locations is that the production actually aggravates their state which doesn't really help their odds of survival. This could be for multiple reasons. Maybe walls need to be torn down to widen certain areas to accomodate the equipment and crew. Sometimes the use of pyrotechnics -controlled as they might be- or squibs representing bullet hits do severe damage to structures.
(A good example of the latter are the derelict buildings in Chicago (made up to look Chinese) that are 'blown up' in the latest Transformers Bay-a-thon. )

Of course, the only damage done to the farmhouse in TMNT is the truck ramming the barn gate, so the farm most likely survived the production unscathed. Unless other damage was done behind the scenes...

Anyway, the call sheets are a good idea! Sure hope someone here has them in their collection...

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