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Originally Posted by Etsyturtle2 View Post
First, the main one was a local news station- The Channel 4 News. (among other not as exciting locations such as simple alleyway shots.)
second, The pics were on my old Phone, which got accidentally washed with my jeans.
Third,We were just passing by for some winter concert anyway, and after, I asked my parents if we could check out some spots. It wasn't a big deal.
Yeah, no you didn't. 90% of those locations were built specifically on a set lot for the film, at Carolco Studios, which no longer exists.

One of the few areas that is still standing, a glue factory, is not legally accessible by the general public.

Not to mention, the only people who actually know where the real-life areas they shot in are the ones who worked on or acted in the film. The odds that you, a 13 year old kid, while passing through a 41.5 mile wide city, just so happened to stumble upon a specific alleyway that a character allegedly passed through in the shadow of night 25 years ago, are slimmer than an anorexic arm width. & that's assuming they even used a genuine alleyway at all, considering they had built an entire city-scape for their own personal use, they wouldn't need one. That's a bustling city, were those supposed places to still exist, they would likely be unrecognizable after all these years.
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