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two odd occurances.

father jokingly mentioned ghosts while sitting on the front porch. he saw the shadows of people walking, but the people walking hadn't come into view yet. i turn my gae back and we BOTH notice the side of my sleeve flip up in a very weird angle, stay there for a second, and flip back down. I wasn't moving my arm, and there was no wind and he noticed it first. which is odd cause he doesn't believe in ghosts. it was like someone was tugging at my shirt sleeve.

second thing happened today. over by my neighbors house. all of a sudden her shut door opens itself, stopping conversation on a dot. we didn't notice if the door was shut all the way like the door next to it, or if it was just loosely cloosed and wind blew it open, but there was a charge in the air in how the conversation suddenly hushed up and all three heads turned to notice this door slowly open by itself.

So, I would put that under odd occurrence.
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