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Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
And now we have an excuse for Splinter being so ratshite crazy... so, Purple Dragons, Foot Clan, maybe the EPF, Mutanimals... who else is in the running for this turf war? D'ya think Karai will make it back to NYC in time for this?
Bobby Curnow made a point back during the Chasing Phantoms arc that Splinter is not under any influence. It is just Splinter being able to flex his ability as a clan leader of the late 1500s'. Do you suppose creative direction had not formed Rat Kingdom arc at that time? Or perhaps only at the time of that arc Splinter will be influenced by Rat King?

The Purple Dragon street gang folds under The Foot Clan so that would tell me you are suggesting Hun wrestles back control as a result of the Triceraton invasion.
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