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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
So because you didn't buy all the games Nintendo released for Wii-U, it's a terrible experience? Nintendo released about 10-15 good games for the Wii-U, same as any past Nintendo console depending on your tastes.
The context of the post means during the launch/when it first started. We didn't a VC until later on, it basically got a price drop just a few months in, Nintendo stayed quiet, etc. I've already posted about this on this thread to do it again but yeah it was a bad experience, having a few great games doesn't make up for it. It's more about how Nintendo has handled the situation since the later Wii years to now and how they handle it that makes the experiences frustrating. Do you even remember how slow the OS in the system was?

Originally Posted by Cure View Post
Youtube and Netflix is seriously your metric for "a machine ready to hit the mass market"? **** that's probably on like 5 devices or more in your house? Come on, man.
For that very exact reason it's a metric. What new electronic device launches without them? Especially a media device that hooks up to your PC and can be used as a tablet, not to mention the Wii was the #1 device that connected to Netflix for many years.

And that was an example of many things that show that they launched it before it's really ready, just look at the OS and how bare bones it is. You don't think it'll have a much needed a big OS update before the holiday season?

The rushed decisions on some of the hardware problems like scratching/bending etc. Now I doubt they're as big of a problem as its getting press time after all, the blogs need to get their daily post count but still it's more than an isolated incident.

It literally has less things than what the Wii U had at launch, hell even exclusive games as BOTW is a Wii U port. I'm glad it's apparently going to sell well and I hope they fix these problems soon but they seem to not have learned anything from the Wii U or 3DS launch. I really like the idea of the switch but it doesn't seem like it.
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