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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Yeah, I've worried about that. Wanted them to go in the exact opposite direction. *sigh* God I hope it isn't 10 or 15+ years before it goes back in that direction...

Although if they want to make it more kiddie, then I find it kind of surprising that they never really bothered to do more with Half Shell Heroes. I mean, hello... that was cute, felt younger, but still at least semi-watchable by adult fans. If Half Shell didn't grab enough attention (granted with their only very limited effort), why assume some other younger version will be different? They dropped the ball on Half Shell, which is a shame.
You would think going with something life Half Shell would be a no brainer but apparently not. They probably want something new, gimmicky, and a lot more simple and ugly looking and of course they need to sell new toys. These TMNT shows are just big toy commercials after all.
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